Here's How to Make Ariana Madix's Gorgeous, Glittery Cocktail Creation

The Vanderpump Rules bartender has your summer sparkle right here.

Ariana Madix loves to play around with cocktail magic and has been working on a book for years, so it's not surprising that the Vanderpump Rules bartender would want to create a special concoction for a SUR "girl's night in" that is happening this week. It'd be nice to have a friend like her, who could make an ordinary Tuesday completely wonderful with the help of a glittery libation.

While she didn't share her recipe, she posted a couple of videos to her Instagram Stories to show what she was working on for the party. She chose to make a sparkly gold drink.

The results are pure shimmer, and surprisingly safe to drink.

Be the hero of your next friends' night in by making a glittery drink like Ariana's — The Flavor Bender discovered that all you need is luster dust, a common cake decorating ingredient, to make shimmering drinks. Luster dust is available in many colors, so can swirl them and let your imagination run wild.

Photos: Ariana Madix/Instagram

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