Jax Taylor Is Now Working for Taco Bell: "Dream Job" (UPDATED)

It's a dream realized for Vanderpump Rules' avowed Taco Bell fan Jax Taylor.

UPDATE (OCTOBER 11, 7:50 P.M. ET): We just figured out exactly what Jax Taylor is doing for his top-secret project with Taco Bell — and it makes so much sense.

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It's widely known that Jax Taylor loves him some Taco Bell. He's even been willing to get into trouble with fiancee Brittany Cartwright  over the stuff — and if she is willing to overlook those "grounds for divorce," the Vanderpump Rules couple will serve Taco Bell at their wedding.

And now Jax has revealed that his favorite restaurant is not just supplying him with tacos — but also with employment. In an October 10 tweet, Jax wrote, "On set in Laguna beach for @tacobell shoot!! Stay tuned!!" Naturally, he added the hashtag for "dream job."

The tweet also included a photo of Jax's feet up, while he presumably reclines on a couch. Next to the feet is a laptop, which appears to show Jax is watching Anthony Bourdain. And while we don't necessarily know what Bourdain would have thought about Taco Bell, we do know he had eyes for fast food: He openly loved Popeyes — calling its mac and cheese his "disgusting, shameful" guilty pleasure.

What else is in store for Jax and his true love (the other true love, that is)? We'll just have to "stay tuned," as Jax commands.

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