Lala Kent Shares Her Exact Recipe For Fake Champagne That Has a "Placebo Effect"

The Vanderpump Rules pal has a concoction that will do the trick in a pinch.

Lala Kent is on a health kick, and it would appear that that sometimes means skimping on the champagne. But, before you clutch your pearls, know this: The Vanderpump Rules pal has a D.I.Y. recipe for her own kind of bubbly, which at least lets her feel like she's swigging the good stuff even when she's not.

And on July 31, Lala took to Instagram Stories to provide a brief demonstration of just how to prepare the nonalcoholic drink. 

Panning over a scene that contained a flute, a can of seltzer, and a kid-friendly box of juice, Lala let her followers in on a fizzy tip. "This is the way to make yourself feel like you're drinking champs," she said.

"A little bit of Honest Kids [juice] a little bit of Kroeger [seltzer water], and voila, mama feels like she drinking. Placebo effect I guess." 

Photo: Lala Kent/Instagram

Will it give you a buzz? No. But hey, it sounds a lot better than a hangover. 

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