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Vanderpump Rules

Secrets Revealed

S6/EP25 | Aired:
May 28, 2018
A look at never-before-seen footage from Season Six. Stassi, Katie, and Brittany try a new strategy to get over a hangover; Schwartz and Jax volunteer to build a house; and Schwartz and Sandoval secretly meet up with Scheana's ex-husband. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Reunion Part 3

S6/EP24 | Aired:
May 21, 2018
Andy Cohen explores Jax's meltdown and his decision to break up with Brittany. Lala and James examine their flirting and fighting, Kristen takes Sandoval to task, and Stassi recounts her encounter with Patrick and Lisa Vanderpump. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Reunion Part 2

S6/EP23 | Aired:
May 14, 2018
Andy Cohen recaps Katie and Schwartz's first year of marriage and the group questions Jax's relationship with his reiki healer. Billie Lee opens up about life as a transgender woman. The girls celebrate Lala's special brand of feminism. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Reunion Part 1

S6/EP22 | Aired:
May 7, 2018
Andy Cohen uncovers the real stories behind Jax cheating on Brittany, the rumor that James slept with his best friend, and the status of Stassi's relationship with Patrick. Jax shares the details of his father's passing. (00:00)
Vanderpump Rules

Welcome to TomTom

S6/EP21 | Aired:
April 30, 2018
Sandoval and Schwartz give their friends a sneak peek at TomTom, but a cloud hangs over the party as Lisa must decide Jax's future at SUR. Stassi introduces Lisa to her boyfriend with awkward results. Brittany unleashes pent up anger at Jax. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Lost Cause

S6/EP20 | Aired:
April 23, 2018
After a painful breakup, Brittany bounces back with new swagger, a new outlook, and her sights set on a new man. Lisa gives Stassi relationship advice. Lala takes the stage with James for the biggest musical performance of her career. (43:24)

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