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WWHL's Talent Booker explains how we get our fantastic guests

on Aug 9, 2012


Ya know how people always talk about the celebrities they would have at their dream dinner party? Well, my job is to basically be the party planner for those fantasy dinners. I am what is called the "Booker" for ‘Watch What Happens: Live’, which means that I arrange for all of the guests to be in the Clubhouse each night to play whatever crazy sounding game we throw at them. And as you would with any party, the whole process begins with figuring out who you would really LIKE to hang out with, and more importantly (because we love nothing more than an odd duo), my job involves figuring out the best possible combination of people to have on the show together. You might watch our show and think that the staff went temporarily insane when we decided to have Lil Kim on with MSNBC’s Willie Geist, but believe it or not, the bizarre pairings on our show are something that we give a LOT of thought to! The rationale generally goes one of two ways…we either like to have people on who are real-life friends because we know a lot of the fun will come from watching them hang together like they would on a typical Thursday night, or we go the complete opposite direction and strive to have 2 people together who are so completely different from one another that you can hardly believe they are sitting in the same room, let alone spoon feeding each other while blindfolded (one of my favorite games, by the way). Like figuring out the seating at a party, good chemistry between seatmates is imperative.

Andy and I are on constant email with one another discussing who the perfect pairing for a given night would be, and at least once a day we’ll debate whether having a certain duo on would be “good weird” or “bad weird”…because there is definitely a difference. It’s really impossible to predict how Cee-Lo and Big Ang from Mob Wives are going to click, but we usually get a gut feeling when the puzzle comes together in just the right way, and there is truly nothing more rewarding than watching 2 people who were complete strangers beforehand enter our crazy little clubhouse and suddenly become so perfect together that you will forever associate one with the other. Of course, there have been a few times when the combos have fallen a little flat or have been “bad weird” (and no, I will never reveal which people I mean), but I like to think that the majority of our gut feelings have led to some really great TV.