Producer's Blog

WWHL’s production assistant gets in the holiday spirit as he looks back at the festive week that was.

on Dec 14, 2012

The week was fantastic and filled with good energy. Knowing that a whisky-swilling spitfire like Shahs of Sunset’s GG could find love (along with a rock that’s bigger than her switchblade) gave me hope that I might too one day win the heart of another, if not through sincerity then certainly through intimidation. Andy’s face was priceless when she presented him with a brand new knife for the shelf. And if his face was priceless before, then his expression would achieve complete monetary meltdown when good ol’ Sweet Brown burst through the door like a hot chocolate Commendatore, descending toward her Don Giovanni.

Sweet Brown was a true delight and returned Wednesday as our guest bartender. Shemar Moore would later find more than one way to cozy up with Sweet Brown, the shotski moment was just the tip of the iceberg.
Shemar and Sweet Brown Shotski