Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna

Season 9 | AIRED: Mar 18 11/10c
  • Mazel- Laura-Leigh from ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ her character debuted on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show ‘The Client List’ last night and she was pretty good. Ok now that’s the exact same thing she did to Jax in the bathroom at SUR. If she keeps up the good work, she’ll be able to have sex with anyone she wants in all the best restaurant bathrooms in Hollywood! Just kidding
  • Jackhole- I’m probably going to get a lot of ‘s’ for this one but today’s Jackholes are these two Oregon Girl Scout troops who’ve been all over the news because they were stuck with tons of cookies after it turns out that an order for 6,000 boxes was a hoax. I mean, it’s really bad but who would place an order for $24,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies without double checking to make sure it was legit? You’re not the Gullible Scouts. All that being said, if any of the girls are watching and you’re still trying to get rid of those cookies, you can totes put me down for four boxes. No mango creams, though, I don’t like those.



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