Natalie Maines & Carrie Ann Inaba

Season 9 | AIRED: May 9 11/10c
  • Mazel- My favorite criminal prosecutor turned beret wearing personality Nancy Grace. This was my moment of the week on TV, she gets my Mazel for committing to the appearance of a live, via satellite, interview when her guest was just feet away in the same parking lot
  • Jakchole- The most disgusting creature in the insect kingdom, the 17 year cicada. Look upon it’s filthy visage; they have been underground for 17 years, people! Now they’re horney, single, and ready to make our lives a living hell on the East Coast. We went on Cicada Tracker earlier and the first swarm is basically, like, a block away from us in Soho, I swear. I feel like they’re under my skin! Make no mistake, people, cicadas are crunchy and they are bastards, and they are Jackholes.


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