Vicki Gunvalson & Jenni Pulos

Season 9 | AIRED: Apr 1 11/10c
  • Mazel- Mel Gibson! Just kidding, I think he is the worst person in the world! April Fools’ everybody! You think I’d be giving the Mazel to Mel Gibson?
  • Jakchole- Georgia GOP Chair Sue Everhart who said she’s against gay marriage because if we allow it, then straight people will pretend to be gay and enter into fraudulent marriages with their other straight friends so that they can then have all the benefits of marriage. Ok, sure, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, lady. It’s not like straight people could have entered into shame hetero marriages for the past couple hundred years, Kim Kardashian. They’ve all been waiting until now to pretend that they’re gay. It makes total sense when you think about it...after eating bath salt brownies.



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