Yolanda Foster & Callie Thorne

Season 9 | AIRED: Jan 28 11/10c
  • Mazel-  The soon to be queen of the Netherlands, this is in Yolanda’s honor, she’s a hot blonde named Maxima who people swear looks just like Britney Spears. You know who would make a better queen in the Netherlands? Yolanda. 
  • Jackhole- Lord Grantham. I don’t want to spoil anything with anyone who hasn’t watched last night’s ‘Downton Abbey,’ yet even though if you really loved it you probably should have by now. But Lord Grantham, I am hating you right now with a burning passion of a 1,000 suns. Truly, what you did even made that dick Thomas cry. I know you’re not real, but please come on my show and explain yourself to me and to the world. Poor Lady Edith. 

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