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Latest Clips

    • Anjelica Huston Pleads the Fifth!
    • S11/EP184: Since it is her first time in the Clubhouse, actress Anjelica Huston’s fears did not betray her: she must play “Plead the Fifth” with Andy Cohen! (01:36)
    • Cohen to the Movies!
    • S11/EP184: In our game, Evelyn and Lou Cohen describe plots of movies to actresses Anjelica Huston and Wendi McLendon-Covey, who must guess their titles for points. (01:44)
    • Anjelica on Jack Nicholson
    • S11/EP184: In her new tell-all book, “Watch Me,” Anjelica Huston dishes on her tumultuous relationship with actor Jack Nicholson, leaving Andy Cohen with some burning questions he must have answered! (01:30)
    • After Show: A Judd Thanksgiving
    • S11/EP183: Andy Cohen receives an invitation from Naomi Judd to spend Thanksgiving with her family in Kentucky; Rob Riggle dishes on the athletic ability of some of his former co-stars. (08:37)
    • The Achy Breaky!
    • S11/EP183: Andy Cohen gives actor Rob Riggle a series of objects he must break or rip. If he fails, Naomi Judd gets to break a bottle over his head! (02:04)
    • Naomi's Pleads the Fifth!
    • S11/EP183: Andy Cohen gets the dirt from Naomi Judd, even though she has some very kind words to say about a young star who “wears her underwear in public.” (02:04)