Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

Jeanne applauds Miles' youthful enthusiasm and discusses Ryan's polarizing work in this week's junk challenge.

on Jun 16, 2010


Miles' open appreciation and thrill over being in the studio is refreshing. Just give him "free beer and tools" and he will stick around. His youthful no baggage, no judgment approach to being a contestant on this show reassures that TV land is a legitimate venue for an artist, and not because "professionals" show up as mentors and judges, but rather because artists like him have entered the space. An alternative, or rather additional place in the chain can only be good - from gallery and museum, to the street and desert (Michael Heizer's City is said to be mind-blowing), to the web and TV... .

Which brings me to a blogger's comment that he will stick to PBS' Art21. I was on this board for several years and continue to support the show. Art21 is a smart, educational tool, with an excellent curatorial focus on well-known artists at work. But like this show, it has a specific format and structure that is undeviating and thus becomes didactic. With more resources, they might stretch their content, reworking it for different audiences. But the funds just aren't there. Work of Art uses a backhanded way for such dialogue. Come on, does Bravo really need a sign saying, "Warning - Keep out of the classroom?" Please, this is a contest show on late-night cable television.

In terms of my clothes on the show, I am wearing items pulled from my own closet. I have so much makeup on that I look a bit like a tranny, but this is TV, so I'm going with it!