Simon de Pury

Simon takes every elimination to heart, so the double elimination this week was especially tough.

on Oct 26, 2011

Young had immediately articulated his concept and was already quite far down the road. He created a visually striking work, one that demanded the viewers' participation. It definitely was pop, not a rehashed version of '60s pop but very much a 21st century version of pop. It was also evident right then that this work would lend itself very well for publication in Entertainment Weekly. An amazing chance for any artist. One that did not escape the Sucklord judging from his comments on camera. His work was equally pop, full of his trademark humor, and would have merited being part of the top three, if the best three works had been singled out by the judges.

Kymia also produced a strong work. I admire her for her risk taking. Having never worked with photography before, it was a bold move to use that technique. Deciding to bare it all might have cost her the chance of having her work highlighted in Entertainment Weekly. I am glad she followed my advice when I answered her question (not included in the episode) whether to have the two neon tubes on top of the photograph or behind it.

Now to the bottom four: Dusty's work got a number of very favorable reactions from the visitors to the gallery show. His work was thought provoking and impeccably executed. Maybe it was not pop enough?