Andre Riley

Brian has the lowest body fat?! Andre reacts.

on Mar 27, 2007



Well, it finally looks like Jackie is done with Mimi. I have been in several co-dependant relationships so I know how hard it can be ending them. Kudos to Jackie for being strong in her personal life, she needed to get out of that before it became more volatile. The introduction of Jackie's Skylab was awesome, this is what its all about: helping individuals with mental scars overcome past failures and helping them to change their lives. Doug and Jesse: The feud continues and Jesse just doesn't want to let it go. Finally, after a discussion with Jackie, Jesse grows up. I understand how upset he was, but it was good to see him be a man and squash the bitterness so we all could become a team again.


Jackie and Rebecca. Not too sure I am fond of bosses hanging out with their employees. It never ends well, and the person who usually loses is not the boss. Rebbeca is also an adult. If she really wants to go there I am sure she can handle whatever Jackie has to give.