Gregg Butler

Just call Gregg Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap.

on May 13, 2008

The therapy was crazy. Everyone's bonding and vibing and then the train derails. As everyone attacked Deenie my heart was pumping hard. She needed to hear these things and I was relieved she finally did. I don't think I chimed in at all during the attack; I just watched it all unravel. It's hard to have her back. Believe it or not she did attack me without provocation a few weeks earlier and our relationship was never the same. Even watching the episode I can see that I am just so over her making these excuses and victimizing herself. You hate to see people get shit on, but sometimes they bring it on themselves. Karma or The Secret or something -- I don't know.

I again had a scheduling conflict as this episode started. I drove in late to the retreat from a gig  (what up Body Karate?) and was trying to get it started proper. I was tired but knew what was expected of me. The life of a rock star. I made it there so that's good. The continuation of the retreat is where it's at though. We'll have to wait to talk on that until next week. Crazytown, Population: Us. That was dumb. I would delete it, but I'm too lazy. The preview for next week says it all "Oh boy." Just call me Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. We'll all go there together ... next week.

Much love to haters and lovers alike.
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