Gregg Butler

Gregg discusses the issues he's had training Deenie.

on May 6, 2008

She would often make suggestions on how exercises might be vastly approved with slight augmentations. I wasn't having that. No. Not at all. I appreciate the show makes me look like a really nice guy and I am for the most part. Just don't make me mad or, worse yet, please don't make me hate you. Because then I am not a nice guy. No not at all. You know how most cliche rock stars like to break shit when they get mad ... that's because it's true and I am no exception. Deenie turned me off to enjoying our time spent together quicker than, um, something fast. I'm sure your boy g dot b dot will ... make it work, right ... mofo please.

Peeler got fired. Notice how when we all find out I am smiling like a jackass. That's because I don't think it's at all true. I thought Erika and Becky were up to their normal curious hijinks. It was really just a matter of time. Peeler is a bright guy and is very ambitious, also a friend. Also Jackie is my friend ... so my position ... whatever. Don't have junk-measuring contests with your boss -- it will never end well. Ever. May that be some food to live on. Really it's all Lisa Skyles' fault. I'm just kiddiing. Everyone, have big love for Lisa. I do -- just like the camera loves Erika. Her "Body Karate" -- hmm ... sounds like a band name.

I'm out yeah boy g dot