Jackie Warner

Jackie talks about her relationship with Rebecca, and Jesse's reaction.

on Apr 3, 2007



That's what's so odd. Peeler and I just keep missing each other. Usually, I don't have these misunderstandings with my employees, but Brian tends to be more sensitive about my opinion. Maybe it's me, but he and I definitely butt heads. This episode deals with the emotional aspect of working out. I've been with clients that have cried, that have laughed hysterically. The body is very tied into emotion. And the two are so connected, that if you work the body very hard, many times emotions just naturally come from that. It's a common experience, and really just something that a good trainer has to learn to deal with, and learn to deal with well. You have to maneuver around it.


I have to say, watching my therapy sessions on TV is miserable. I'm always a little angry in therapy, because I find the cameras very intrusive. I agreed to do it. I agreed that it would be great, I thought it would help people, and even though I allowed it to happen, it's still very uncomfortable while doing it and especially while watching it. Because it's your most private place. It's hard.