Lisa Skyles

The past episode was hard for Lisa to watch...she explains why.

on Apr 16, 20080


Peeler and Jackie are at each other throats, which is all new to me. That relationship is toxic beyond belief and it creates tension in the office because Peeler and I have no issues. I'm confused by Renessa in this episode because her comment about "personal training being the only place she can boss men around" is rather odd. I wonder if Oprah feels the same way??? Thank you for setting women back a 100 years with that statement. Dear Renessa: There are many occupations where you can boss men around. Together we will come up with some options for you in the event personal training doesn't pan out for you. I don't know what to think about Gregg Plitt. Nice body -- a lil much for me. I was a little taken back when he refused to wear the clothes and turned the pants inside out. That was offensive to Jackie and it hurt me because I know the blood, sweat, and tears that went behind making those clothes. I'm not sure if his balls of steel are going to help or hurt him at Sky Sport, and it looks like he will try and give Jackie a run for her money. OK -- so I was a little bitchy asking him to put his shirt on, but c'mon Greg, we know you have six billion muscles, so we didn't need them on display. Not everyone aspires to be the INCREDIBLE HULK, so it can be rather intimidating. Jackie is a little nervous introducing her NEW girl to us. It's like walking into the pit of HELL! That dinner party was on the eve of a fashion show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. So I was ready to dine and dash, but with the Rebecca/Jackie/Brianna tryst unfolding plans changed. It was an uncomfortable dinner because I knew Jackie wanted to kick back and laugh with Rebecca and still respect Brianna. That's a pipe dream, so it's best to put them in their own corners. I thought it was unfair that Greg P. brought his date/client and Brianna tagged along with Jackie when we were told that we couldn't bring dates. All in all, the food was delicious and thank goodness I arrived late -- just watching lesbian tongue hockey on TV is an appetite suppressant (unless a proper porno movie!) Until next time, xoxo lisa