Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca describes her Work Out nightmare!

on May 29, 2008

Natalie, for taking the heat off Deenie this week. It is a tough job, but someone had to do it and Natalie took one for the team! Way to puke and get it done, girl! Balls to the wall!! I love it!!

And last, but NEVER least...Bravo, for the great preview into next week's HELL ON EARTH that was the production of Jackie's DVD. I guarantee that took years off of my life and added gray hairs to my head. Sometimes I wake up at night and find myself shadowboxing, or I dream that I am surrounded by life size photos of Jackie, am wearing her new clothing line, and laughing at her not-so-funny jokes, wait a minute, that is a day in the life at Sky Sport! Just kidding ... a little!

Anyway, I am damaged for life from that video. You will all see for yourselves next week! Until then, thank you all for the comments! To the lovers and the haters (I'm looking at you, "Anonymous" ... ha!), thank you for the feedback! Edgar Watson Howe said, "The most destructive criticism is indifference." With that said, I appreciate all of you that read our blogs (who am I kidding -- I only care if you read mine!) and that you might even take the time to comment!

Hugs and kisses!