Zen Gray

"Z-Snack" talks about her new client, Carol!

on Mar 27, 2007


I love that Jackie is giving herself a new beginning this season, being newly single. And in the midst of her own life-change-euphoria, Jackie has created SKYLAB: A super intense training program aimed at helping others change their lives through fitness. Jackie won't be content until she fixes all of us, by the way. It's just a matter of time.


All the trainers were assigned one SKYLAB client to torture over several weeks. My girl is Carol - who affectionately refers to me as "Z-Snack" or "White Devil" depending upon her mood. We're both determined to win this unspoken competition between all the trainers and SKYLAB clients. She is over 49% body fat, so I know that we can see some drastic improvement if we make a few changes in her workout regimen and diet.