I Wake Up Bored

Rebecca explains why this season is way better than last season!

I think this season is way better than last year. It's much for raw and real and unfiltered. I think a lot more various topics are covered. Some of the things that you see I didn't know about. Like Jackie and Mimi in therapy. You hear about things not going so well, but you don't know for sure. Those scenes are very uncomfortable to watch. I think we all relate to having dysfunctional relationships. Watching that, it's like: Oh god, I've been there. Doesn't matter if it's a woman and a woman or a man and a man. We've all been there. We can relate. I'm like Mimi - at least when I was young - because I would be the one who walked out. The scenes with Doug are very hard. He's such a gentle soul. To see him with Chao is really powerful. I think of myself as a really strong person but that choked me up. You can feel the love between them.

During the boot camp, I was reprimanded even though I was standing around in real life. I had only walked away at the last minute. It was fine. Jackie yelled at me for saying I was bored. She said, "I wake up bored." It's pretty fun because I talk to Jackie about 26,000 times a day and she always says that she's bored. And I'm the one who says, "Oh, Jackie you wake up bored." So I have to get it on camera her saying she's bored. I'm in the first episode, a little, but I can assure you that my presence will increase. Am I nervous? I'll say that it's an intense storyline and there are going to be strong reactions. I'm looking forward to it.

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