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A Very Good Friend

Tallulah writes a blog about her good friend, Jasmina.

In tonight's episode you will see an event that my parent's had for a good friend of mine, Jasmina Anema. I would like to write this whole blog about her because she was a very good friend of mine. On January 20th, 2009 she was diagnosed with Aggressive NK Leukemia. This type of Leukemia is very rare in children and mostly adults get it. It was really sad when I found out that she was sick and I wanted to do everything I could to help her fight this disease. When she was in the hospital I would go visit her every week. I would also go visit her at home when she wasn't in the hospital. We played games, colored and did makeup and tattoos. Jasmina was a great friend of mine. We always had a lot of fun, even when she wasn't feeling well. I was really happy when my parents decided to have a benefit at our house because Thea and Jasmina needed money for their bills and it felt good to help out and get people involved.

A lot of people came to the benefit and had a great time. She fought really hard and was very brave. The doctors didn't think she would live so long but she was a fighter. Jasmina passed away January 27, 2010. So many friends and family came to show their support at her funural. Jasmina's mom, Thea, asked if I wanted to say something, so I made a speech. I was so nerveous to get up in front of so many people but I did it for Jasmina and Thea. The upside was that Jasmina and Thea were able to save other people's lives by spreading the word of the importance of getting registred to be a bone marrow donor. We all miss her but she will always be in our hearts forever. Please visit and please regisiter to be a bone marrow donor because you can save somebody's life.

For more info about how to become a bone marrow donor, please visit This foundation is set up to create further awareness concerning the lack of bone marrow donors of different ethnicity's.

Only 8% of donors in the registry are African American. The oneforjasmina foundation made it possibly to add over 10.000 donors to the registry. Because of Jasmina's efforts, there are already 9 lives saved that we know about.

For additional information you can also visit;

About leukemia;

The leukemia & lymphoma society at

The National Children's Leukemia Foundation at

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