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Yes, Scheana Hooked Up with This Cast Member on The Valley — Leaving Friends “Shocked”

Michelle Saniei Lally admitted she was "shocked" when she learned these two had been an item in the past.

By Jill Sederstrom
Scheana Shay sitting in front of a backdrop.

The ways in which the casts on The Valley and Vanderpump Rules are connected have been well documented — but one surprising new link was just revealed. 

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The Valley’s Janet Caperna dished in a Vanderpump Rules After Show clip that her now-hubby Jason Caperna, once hooked up with Scheana Shay before the two were ever together.

“Jason and I are friendly with our exes,” she told Nia Booko and Michelle Saniei Lally, adding that it wasn’t unusual for the pair to still wish their exes “happy Birthday” or “happy Holidays.” 

 “Like, he’s hooked up with Scheana before,” she revealed.

The juicy revelation left Nia and Michelle stunned. 

“When I found that out, I was just shocked,” Michelle said. 

Nia added that she “didn’t know” about Jason and Scheana’s romantic past. 

How did Janet Caperna and Scheana Shay meet?

Janet has been open before about her own friendship with Scheana, which began just days after she moved to Los Angeles in 2017 in the wake of a divorce.

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“She was like pretty much the first new friend I made in L.A.,” Janet shared on the podcast This Side of the Hill. 

Scheana Shay sitting in front of a backdrop.

Janet and Scheana first crossed paths at a pool party at the Mondrian Los Angeles hotel and connected at the time over their recent divorces. (Scheana split from ex-husband Mike Shay in late 2016). 

“I had seen the show so I went up to her and I was like, how many other people are familiar with getting divorced like, you know, under 30? Or maybe Scheana was just 30,” Janet recalled. “So we talked for hours and hours and kind of bonded over that.” 

The burgeoning new friendship was later cemented when Scheana insisted on taking Janet out to celebrate her birthday.

Janet Caperna and Jason Caperna on a grass lawn together

“Scheana, like, refused to let me do nothing and she said be ready by 9 a.m. and she took me to Disneyland for the whole day and, like, treated me to everything,” Janet shared. “I’ll always be grateful to Scheana because she took me in as kind of a new girl and really made me feel welcome and at home here and she introduced me to everybody that I know now.” 

What does the Cast think about James Kennedy’s decision to bring home Hippie?

There’s clearly no bad blood between the two friends and Janet stressed she and Jason like to keep things “friendly” with their exes. 

The topic came up during a discussion about James Kennedy’s decision to bring his dog, Hippie — who he once shared with ex Rachel Leviss — into the home he now lives in with  Ally Lewber

“In our relationship exes are very much a part of our past, not our present, so if he brought a dog that you had with your ex into the relationship that would — Danny would never do that,” Nia said. “If for some reason that was something that was like a possibility, we would have a full conversation. He would not just show up.” 

Janet chimed in that while the connection to the ex wouldn’t bother her, unilaterally making a major household decision like adding a new furry family member to the mix would.

“It’s like you don’t buy a car or bring home an animal, there’s, like, certain things you run by your spouse,” she said.

James, meanwhile, is thrilled he took home the dog.

"He's my best friend and it's, like, literally a f-cking dream come true that he's back with me," James said on Vanderpump Rules. "And I just don't know — I still don't know how it's f-cking possible. I really don't."

But the happy reunion hasn’t been without its bumps along the way. In Episode 12, James and Ally argued about whether James was willing to leave the dog to attend a wedding in Ohio. 

“I couldn’t leave Hippie because you know as much as I want to trust someone and work on that, he’s a new dog, he’s been going through a lot of trauma in the last six months,” James explained in the After Show clip. “I just didn’t want him to be scared, I didn’t want him to think ‘here’s dad’ and here he is leaving me again for four f-cking days.” 

James added the situation was “stressful” to navigate. 

“As much as I wanted to go to the wedding, it’s like he’s my priority right now, he’s my responsibility, my priority. God gave him back to me. So look, like there’s nothing really I can do here. I’m trying to be a good dad,” he continued.

James eventually found an “amazing” pet sitter and made the trek to Ohio. As for Hippie, he seems to be settling in nicely and is even starting to make friends with Ally’s cats. 

“We can even have Hippie and Banks and the cats in the same room,” James shared as a proud pet parent. “Like Hippie will go up to them and rub up against him. Like, it’s crazy.”

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