Giggy the Pom

Every Dog Has His Day

The Gigster ponders if Cedric should go, and if there's a dog fit a-brewing

Happy New Ears

Giggy discusses his semi-regrettable nuptials, and this week's White Party.


Giggy has a bone to pick with his mistress.

Dog With A Bone

Giggy may not have been at the dinner party, but he still has some barks to share.

Dog Biscuit

Giggy ponders his lack of screen time in this episode, and a movie career.

Heartthrob on Paws

Giggy's a touch ticked he didn't get set up on a blind date, but he still shares his secrets with us.

Gone to the Dogs

Our favorite furry friend gets in on the blogging action, with his take on this week's catfight