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Captain Lee: There May Be Some Rough Patches Ahead

Captain Lee responds to Ben's late meal "tirade"  and Trevor's unprofessionalism.

By Lee Rosbach

Ok, wow, I’m not sure where to start this week, with the sh-- show in the galley or the never ending saga of Trevor and his dump truck mouth and wheelbarrow ass. All right, before we get into the meat of this episode, the guests were great. Especially after having to endure a, shall we say, very obvious spat between Ben and Kate. Ben -- wrong time and definitely wrong place for you to bring it up. And the decibel level in the galley, that left much to be desired as well. Sierra: Scupper, not "Scooper" as you called him, was the perfect gentleman. Well, minus the one too many of whatever it was he couldn’t keep down, but hell, we’ve all been there.

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So, now on to some issues that could have been very ugly, that thankfully didn’t turn out that way. Ben, every charter has issues, some worse than others, and you always deal with them without this level of anger and verbal tirade. What’s wrong? I made the decision to have the early “dinner” as you put it, no one else, because I know that at dusk, the no-see-ums, the sand fleas, the flies, and not to mention mosquitos converge like it's the last supper. I didn’t think you really wanted to be serving under those conditions with unhappy guests, because I assure you, they would have not been happy. As it was, they only had the flies to cope with.

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So when you found out they wanted more to eat later, what’s the problem? That’s why we are there and it's not the first late lunch and late dinner you have done. So I don’t get your level of angst. Kate informed you about it minutes after she found out. And to vocalize it where the guests can clearly hear it was not the level of professionalism I usually get from you. That stuff needs to stay below deck, not where the guests can get an earful. Is something else bugging you? More in line with your usual self was that the food was over the top, presentation was outstanding, and the clambake was a great success -- minus the extracurricular activities between you and Kate. I hope this was just a bad day and not a preview of things to come.

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Oh, and good job with Trevor on the beach. That is exactly where his drink needed to go. Maybe with him along with it. Well done, sir.

Trevor Walker's Had a Little Too Much to Drink...

Kate, I’m surprised that you let Ben push your buttons that easily and you responded the way you did. Surprised me. That’s not like you. I do admire your patience with Sierra, although I’m detecting what I feel may be a pattern here, not just an isolated instance. I know she may be trying too hard, but when a guest asks for a gin and whatever and she responds, “No alcohol in that?” And the sheet thing as well, it raises flags for me. You seem to have a good team and are handling them quite well. But this thing with Ben sure can’t go on all season for sure.

Em, you had a good week as well, just quietly going about your business of getting the job done, without anything affecting your performance. I feel you are fitting in quite nicely.

Kelley, wow, do you ever have your hands full with Trevor. But I am pleased with the way you are handling the situation so far. He needed that “Come to Jesus” meeting with you.

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Glad as well that you got to chat with Amy so she could help you put things in perspective. At least she put a smile on your face. So far Nico and Lauren have been very supportive of you and I would imagine you find that a relief. By the way Lauren, are you getting ready to bust a move on Nico? I’m kind of getting that vibe. You all looked so happy when that pool arrived... Yeah, I know, but it is what it is, and thanks to all for dealing with it. It doesn’t look like things are going to get better in the Trevor department, though. We'll wait and see. Oh, one more thing, get over the 5 months of celibacy. Suck it up and deal with it. It will pass.

Trevor, Emily said you looked like a “cat on a hot tin roof.” I think you looked more like a "cat trying to cover it up, on a hot tin roof." Why is it that when you are at the break-even point you just can’t let it go? You have to open your mouth and it all gets pear shaped from there. You invited yourself into the guests' moment by volunteering to have a shot with them. You invited yourself. They had nothing to do with it. Why would you put them into a situation that they couldn’t say no to? And to boot, you're breaking one of the cardinal rules and “you don’t care.” Trust me with that attitude, you will. You are nothing more than a drama bomb. You call Ben a "dick" and Kate a "bitch". Way to embarrass yourself and the boat. And from the looks of things, you are not even warmed up yet.

I think this week had some very good moments. The guests were one of them, and it turned out OK. And we all know how I feel about just OK. But from the looks of things there may be some rough patches ahead. And Ben, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, how about the next group and their preference sheet? Whoa.
So that’s my take on things this week. Hope everyone enjoyed it, and may you have the wind at your back and calm seas beneath your keel. Until next time!

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