Now You Can Feasibly Rent a Yacht to Throw a Killer Party at Sea

Now You Can Feasibly Rent a Yacht to Throw a Killer Party at Sea

Consider it the mic-drop idea of your hosting career.

By Carole Dixon

Amy Schumer, John Goodman, George Lopez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Katie Segal and P. Diddy have all cruised on The Duchess, an intimate six-passenger 63-foot yacht that travels from Marina del Rey to Malibu, California. And now, so can you. And you can invite your nearest and dearest to join you on this boat, or another with epic amenities, for an unforgettable bash at sea. (Just picture the possibilities!)

The option to boat like a baller comes from Boatsetter and Airbnb, which have partnered to launch Boatsetter Experiences — boat rentals based on a specific activity — on the Airbnb site in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Barcelona. So instead of renting someone’s home on your next trip (and all the drama that can come with that), consider renting their yacht and sailing away like a star instead. (Although, yacht rentals aren't always above drama — just ask Jillian Michaels.)

Inside The Duchess

Here's the deal: There are 12.1 million registered boats in America that each only average about 26 days per year out on the sea. So Boatsetter connects boaters, boat owners, captains, and marine industry professionals to give all nautical types a win-win experience: a great time on a boat without having to own one, and extra cash for boat owners on the days they're not going out to sea anyway.

And beyond just the vessels, there are the rarefied experiences that can translate to major vacay bragging rights.

In Los Angeles, the "Live Like a Star" experience guarantees that during a four-hour tour, you will see famous landmarks such as the Getty Malibu, the Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu Piers, along with celebrity hangouts like Nobu and Maestro’s restaurants. As well — and best of all — you'll get to gawk at homes cascading along the coast from celeb owners like Cher, Barbara Streisand, Ellen DeGeneres, and Mel Gibson

Other non-celeb day trips include whale watching and deep-sea fishing, or trips to Catalina, Santa Barbara, or even San Francisco.

The Duchess has become so popular among the elite, Boatsetter reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z wanted to get a piece of it recently, but it wasn’t available — so, with twins in tow, they were given another charter in the fleet.

The Duchess, docked

French Montana has also rented one of the larger vessels, called Lightstar, that can hold up to 150 people — and he hosted a bash with Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Chance the Rapper, and Drake. The shindig on the sea included a private firework display out in the bay and a James Bond-style helicopter entrance. Yes, the larger yacht comes complete with a helipad.

The Boatsetter folks say they've welcomed filming — hosting, for instance Basketball Wives L.A. — but have refused to make any pornographic movies for one unnamed guest who inquired.

Party responsibly, but have fun out there.

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