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Eddie Defends Captain Lee

...and has a harsh critique of Adrienne's leadership skills. You have all been on the boat for quite some time now with few breaks. What's the mood like? Who are you feeling the most connected with/annoyed with at the moment?
Eddie Lucas: The mood on the boat has been tense especially between the girls, and C.J. and the captain. I am definitely most connected with Dave and Aleks because we work together the most, and we work well together. I have been annoyed with the way Kat acts when she has had a couple of drinks, and I have been annoyed with the amount a lot of people are complaining on the boat. I think people spend more energy complaining about their jobs then they actually spend doing it.

How to Watch

Watch Below Deck on Bravo Mondays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. Catch up on the Bravo App. You and Dave are on a totally different schedule than the rest of the crew. Are you privy to all the drama going on? Or do you prefer that you aren't?
EL: Dave and I are on a very different schedule, so this does leave us out of the loop on a lot of drama that is going on, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm very happy not to be in the middle of the drama. What has your previous experience been like on yachts? How is this experience different?
EL: Most of the experience that I have had prior to this season was on smaller boats and dinner cruise boats. Working in the "white boat" industry was different because there was a lot more cleaning involved on a much larger scale, but it was very rewarding and educational for me. Aleks and Captain Lee both taught me a lot about this industry. The charter is cancelled, but what does that actually mean for the crew/your workload?
 The charter is cancelled, but we still have a lot to do and clean. Since we have been having charters non-stop, we are behind in the work we have to do, so this will give us a chance catch up on back work, and do a really thorough cleaning of the boat. You leave dinner out with your crew because you're so frustrated with everyone's behavior. Had this been brewing for awhile? What were you feeling at the time?
EL: My frustration with the crew's actions in public had been brewing for awhile, and it finally boiled over at this dinner. I was really embarrassed and ashamed for the way the crew was acting in a public space where other people were trying to enjoy dinner also. I'm all about having fun and enjoying my time, but not at the sake of others' comfort. I just want to see more respect for each other and those that are around us while in The fire drills seem to bring out the team's frustration with Captain Lee? What's your take on him/his feedback?
EL: Captain Lee is doing exactly what he needs to. I believe if he told us that the fire drill was perfect and went well then the crew wouldn't see any need to improve. But since these fire drills prepare us for life and death situations, I believe Captain Lee is just trying to keep us on our toes and striving to become more efficient and better in our emergency action plans. You think your crewmates are being disrespectful about their superiors. Had this been bothering you?
EL: Yes, I do believe they can be a little disrespectful of Captain Lee. I liked Captain Lee because he never had a problem with me. He definitely was tougher on others, but I don't think that gives them a right to be so disrespectful to him and talk back to him; that just makes things worse! Captain Lee is a tough leader and demands the best. I wouldn't expect anything else from a captain of a 20-million-dollar yacht.

Adrienne, on the other hand, was one of the worst leaders I have ever experienced. She didn't earn the respect of others; she demanded it. With a crew like she had, she should have been trying to be leading by example. If she treated her crew with respect and befriended them, then they would have wanted to work for her. Instead, Adrienne took a different role where she told her crew what to do by making lists, and then would never help get those lists done. This made the crew resent her, and the work that had to be done suffered because of it. Adrienne dug her own grave. As an observer, what did you think of the relationships between Adrienne and Kat and Sam?
EL: Like I said, Adrienne was a terrible leader, and it was obvious she was over her head an had no experience on how to lead and motivate her crew. However, Sam was not cut out for this job, and her complaining did not make things easier for anybody on the crew. Kat admits a crush on Ben this week. Did you see that coming?
EL: Kat would have a crush on anything with male genitalia.

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