David Bradberry

David Alanson Bradberry immediately joined the Marines after graduating high school, where he received the majority of his experience on the water. David served as a Marine Embassy Guard for three years, which afforded him the opportunity to see the world, being stationed in places like Japan, Liberia, and Italy. Aside from his day-to-day duties as a Marine, which was comprised of the safeguarding of classified information and equipment vital to national security and the protection of American Dignitaries, he was also afforded the opportunity to serve as security for Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr, along with then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. David’s love of travel, work ethic, and sense of adventure make him a perfect candidate for working at sea and knows his Marine training will prove beneficial while at sea. A strong supporter of many non-profit organizations such as The Trevor Project and Toys for Tots, David is currently in a long term relationship with his boyfriend, Trevor, and they currently live together in Studio City, California.