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Kat: Why I Blew the Whistle

Kat Held elaborates on the abrupt end of the Honor's first charter. You have a good deal of experience on boats -- what was your first impression of this boat? Of the crew? Anything/anyone stand out to you immediately?
Kat Held: My first impression of the boat was that it was obviously big. I thought the master head had a nice layout, the exterior parts of the boat, like the sun deck, the main deck, and the aft deck, offered a great space for the guests to spend time outside; the crew quarters were roomy so I was happy about that, although I did feel that the interior decor was a little outdated.

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In terms of the crew, everyone from the start was pretty friendly. C.J. and Ben stood out to me from the start because of their outgoing personalities. Captain Lee definitely came across as intimidating. I wasn't sure about Adrienne because most Chief Stewardesses in yachting have a reputation for not treating their crew with respect, so I was wary of her from the start. Sam seemed like a spitfire, and I was looking forward to working with her. Eddie and David were pretty quiet in the beginning, so I didn't have a strong opinion about them right away. Then there was Aleks. I honestly thought he was a little too pretty. Lol. What was your first impression of Johnny Eyelash and crew? How do they rate in terms of guests you've seen before?
KH: Oh Gosh, my first impression of Johnny Eyelash and his crew was that they would be a fun group of guests to have on board. They were gay, friendly, and ready to party, and brought a ton of women's high heels with them. Although, I found it very odd that Johnny Eyelash was wearing a head-to-toe robe made for cold weather,that was so soiled. That was very strange. They came across as a very crazy, yet fun, group of charter guests. What went through your mind when you found the white powder in the guest's bathroom? Has something like this ever happened to you before?
KH: When I first came across the white powder in the bathroom I wasn't actually that surprised. At that point, it was late in the evening, and the guests were still up with lots of energy. I was surprised, however, that they would leave it out in the open. That was very dumb on their part. Did you ever consider not telling Adrienne what you found? How did you ultimately make your decision?
KH: To be honest, the only reason I told Adrienne was because she was my roommate, and therefore she was the only person I could talk to without anyone else around that night. She just happened to also be my Chief Stew. When I did tell her, I had no idea what the outcome would be. I wasn't even sure if she would say anything about it to the captain, but I had no idea that the captain would ultimately cancel the charter. Did you feel relief when the captain said you did an outstanding job?
KH: Hearing the Captain tell me I did an outstanding job was a huge relief. I had a lot of guilt from embarrassing the guests because their charter had been canceled, and also for upsetting some of my crew in regards to getting a tip. It was an awful situation to be in, and having the captain's support is a big deal. I knew at that point that I had made the right decision. We start to see the conflict brewing between Adrienne and Sam. What was it like as a close outsider from the get-go?
KH: Watching Sam and Adrienne butt heads from the beginning was frustrating. I was caught in the middle because Adreinne was above me as Chiew Stew and Sam was below me as third stew. I had Adrienne coming to me about her conflicts with Sam and Sam coming to me about Adrienne. Both wanting me to have a solution. Naturally, I wanted to help both of them, without being two-faced, so that gave me a challenge. I needed to be honest without hurting anyone's feelings, and I could only hope that they could come to a solution on their own. You even say to Adrienne that you would've spoken to her first before laying down. Did you think Sam was in the wrong?
KH: As Chief Stew, Adrienne is in charge of scheduling breaks for the interior crew. If Adrienne doesn't make a break schedule for us, then it would be out of respect to ask Adrienne for a break. By Sam laying down without asking Adrienne first, I do think that was unprofessional, however, a third stew doesn't have the experience that the others do, and therefore may not know that she needs to ask to take a break. I do not agree with how Adrienne handled that situation. I think that Adrienne was more in the wrong for treating Sam so badly for taking a nap, when the situation could have been avoided if Adrienne had done her job, and scheduled us breaks, in the beginning. Anything else you'd like to add?
KH: There was a lot of tension that was in the air for the first charter. Conflict between my two interior crew, the conflict with the charter guests, and also still getting to know all of my crewmates definitely set the tone for a rough first ride at sea!!! 

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