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Eddie: I Wasn't Surprised about Andrew

Eddie Lucas shares his reaction to Andrew's secret and Kelley's ultimatum.

By Eddie Lucas Were you worried that Kelley might have sustained a serious injury? What would you have done if he was out of commission?
Eddie Lucas: I wasn’t really worried about Kelley, I have had a lot of medical training and I have experienced some very serious injuries; Kelley did not have a serious injury. But if he was out for a long amount of time, then the rest of us would have had to pick up the slack, which would have been difficult since I am still trying to whip Andrew into shape.

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[video_clip_url:] Did you think Ben was out of line telling you to find a replacement for Andrew?
EL: Yes, I do think Ben was out of line for telling me how to do my job. I knew we needed a replacement for Andrew, and I would have fired him after the first charter if I could have. But I didn’t hire Andrew, and I didn’t have the power to fire him or hire a new replacement. Ben and Kat should have left the deck alone and focused on their jobs on the interior of the What was your first thought when Andrew admitted he embellished his resume?
EL: I really wasn’t that surprised. I was upset because I put him on lines during docking and sailing procedures, which could have been dangerous for Andrew and the other crew members, and I would have been responsible if someone got hurt. But when he told me that he never worked on a boat before, it just kind of made sense. I’m pretty sure Andrew has never even worked before.

[video_clip_url:] Did you think you'd be able to teach Andrew enough to have him get through the charter season?
EL: I don’t think so. Usually when you have someone working on your team, even if they are a beginner, they will still help and get the job done more quickly. Not Andrew, since I have to explain every single step of a job over and over, and it takes me away from getting work done quickly. However, Andrew is a big strong guy and he is another person in the scheduled rotation, so having him as a crew member has its benefits, but I would rather have someone How did you react to Kelley's threat to leave? Were you worried he'd actually follow through?
EL: This was the first time I heard Kelley threaten to leave, and so I was a little worried that he actually would. But then I remembered he is a marine, and marines don’t give up! Right?


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