Eddie: I Wasn't Surprised about Andrew

Eddie: I Wasn't Surprised about Andrew

Eddie Lucas shares his reaction to Andrew's secret and Kelley's ultimatum.

Bravotv.com: Were you worried that Kelley might have sustained a serious injury? What would you have done if he was out of commission?
Eddie Lucas: I wasn’t really worried about Kelley, I have had a lot of medical training and I have experienced some very serious injuries; Kelley did not have a serious injury. But if he was out for a long amount of time, then the rest of us would have had to pick up the slack, which would have been difficult since I am still trying to whip Andrew into shape.


Bravotv.com: Did you think Ben was out of line telling you to find a replacement for Andrew?
EL: Yes, I do think Ben was out of line for telling me how to do my job. I knew we needed a replacement for Andrew, and I would have fired him after the first charter if I could have. But I didn’t hire Andrew, and I didn’t have the power to fire him or hire a new replacement. Ben and Kat should have left the deck alone and focused on their jobs on the interior of the yacht.Bravotv.com: What was your first thought when Andrew admitted he embellished his resume?
EL: I really wasn’t that surprised. I was upset because I put him on lines during docking and sailing procedures, which could have been dangerous for Andrew and the other crew members, and I would have been responsible if someone got hurt. But when he told me that he never worked on a boat before, it just kind of made sense. I’m pretty sure Andrew has never even worked before.


Bravotv.com: Did you think you'd be able to teach Andrew enough to have him get through the charter season?
EL: I don’t think so. Usually when you have someone working on your team, even if they are a beginner, they will still help and get the job done more quickly. Not Andrew, since I have to explain every single step of a job over and over, and it takes me away from getting work done quickly. However, Andrew is a big strong guy and he is another person in the scheduled rotation, so having him as a crew member has its benefits, but I would rather have someone else.Bravotv.com: How did you react to Kelley's threat to leave? Were you worried he'd actually follow through?
EL: This was the first time I heard Kelley threaten to leave, and so I was a little worried that he actually would. But then I remembered he is a marine, and marines don’t give up! Right?


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