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Logan's First Impressions of the Crew

Find out which crew members Logan Reese hit it off with right away (and where he got that sweet party blazer).

By Logan Reese What were your first impressions of your new crew mates?
Logan Reese: Well, the first person I met was Kelley, and all I could think was damn, look at this guy...could be an ass. But then he welcomed me aboard and seemed to be stoked that I was there, so that eased my initial worries. Then I met Eddie and he immediately reminded me of Jim Brewer, so I figured he would be cool. Odd assumptions, ay? Next I met Captain Lee and I had no idea what to think other than I had better make a good impression. He kind of reminded me of a Miami Vice type character with the sun-tan and gold jewelry with white shoes. Don Johnson eat your heart out, right? Then lo and behold I run into Kate, whom I had met before and that threw me for a loop. Oh the lioness with a sharp tongue and screw-you attitude. Keep in mind I only knew her from a local yachtie bar and had never worked with her, so can't attest to all that. Nonetheless an interesting creature. Then I briefly met Kat whose reputation from first season precedes her, but in lieu of what I heard, she seemed nice enough. If people were to start casting stones I would probably be the first struck down. Amy went out of her way to come give me a nice Southern greeting, which was nice. The very first thing I noticed was that thick accent, then I saw the big hair and big Texas smile. To be honest it put me at ease a bit. Good to have some Southerners around. Ben was like how I had pictured him to be. You could tell he was an eccentric chef, who was good at his craft but also a total madman. I chose then to stay on his good side. Hence doing dishes so often. Never piss off those who feed you! Last but not least was Jennice. To put it frankly I think we got off on the wrong foot. She took my jokes way too personally. That's just how I try and assimilate when I am nervous. I think she already decided to not like me before I got there. I don't know what else to say there.

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[video_clip_url:] What were you thinking when the drama on the dock happened?
LR: When everything went down on the dock I was initially super confused. I was like, "Man, did I miss the memo that we are leaving already?" Then things started to creak and snap and pop and it turned to shock. All I can remember thinking is, "Damn, is this how sh-- goes down around here? I don't know if this is for me." Not the most professional impression for a new crew member to get. After that I was just waiting for the next foul Did you hit it off with anyone right off the bat?
LR: Funny enough I hit it off with Kelley and Amy, who turn out to be siblings...hmm. Weird. It felt as though Amy made more of an effort than the others to get to know me and that came across really well. Of course Kelley the protective brother had to step in and "lay down the law," LOL! What can you do? Oh that's right, go ahead and get in the hot tub while he is passed out hahaha. Did you have fun on your first night out with the crew for Kelley's birthday? Where did you get that party blazer?
LR: Oh yeah, I had fun. It is always fun to go out and it gave me a chance to hang out with everyone outside of the boat, which helps when you are the new guy. I love to dance. I may not have a quiver of many moves, but I use what I got. Oh and that blazer?! I purchased that bad boy when I was in college some years back. I am pretty sure it is made out of upholstery, but that doesn't lessen my fondness for it. That is a bad-ass jacket and only cost me $15...what a bargain. I am always on the lookout for another ridiculous blazer if anyone stumbles across one.

[video_clip_url:] Was there some flirtation going on in the hot tub with Amy? Were you worried about potentially hooking up with her knowing you'd be working with her brother, Kelley?
LR: There was some flirting for sure, but I didn't have any intentions at that time. I was just going with the flow. Let's just say the thought of trouble with Kelley would have crossed my mind if I hadn't had so many whiskeys. The only thing that kept me good was when Kat came up to party, because she changed the vibe. 

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