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Captain Lee: I Expected Better from Nico

Captain Lee weighs in on "Freak-o" Nico and new crew member Kyle Dixon.

By Lee Rosbach

Well, what can I say about this episode? It was hair-raising (I know, terrible pun). But damn that must have hurt.

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A #BelowDeck Waxing Goes Horribly Wrong

We had that, and we had the crew trying to divvy up the tip evenly. When I first looked inside that bag of cash and saw all the denominations of bills mixed up -- a ton of singles, fives, tens, and twenties, with a smattering of fifties and hundreds. I just couldn’t resist watching them try to figure it all out, and trust me, it wasn’t easy to make it all come out right -- sure was fun to watch though! Then we had our normal dose of drama tossed in to round out the show. I was a wee bit surprised at how it all went down this week. The crew I expected it from were not the ones I got it from. I found that a bit unusual this week. So let's get into it, shall we?

Ben gets the award for second best line of the night for his comment about newbie deckhand Kyle, when he said, “I couldn’t understand a word he said, and I’m from England.” I thought that was funny as hell. And I was curious as to why you dropped that dish when you heard Ro was coming to visit? Hmm, very interesting. Oh, BTW, could you have had a shorter conversation with Sierra than that? I thought you were going to give her the old pep talk, and then it was over. But if it works, it works. You wowed them with the food again, well done.

Now for the best line of the night goes to Kate when she was answering your question about Nico’s behavior the night before and said: "He indeed lost some respect from the crew, but gained some from Ben for his drunken display." I don’t know, just caught me as really funny. Kate, I thought you and your staff had a really good episode. When you laminated the back hair and gave it to them as parting gifts, it was the best. You and the girls handled the crude remarks with class and dignity and didn’t let it affect performance. Well done.

Kelley, way to c-block Nico with the comment, "He has a girlfriend," to Em. He never saw that one coming. I guess "all’s fair in love and war" is alive and well on Valor. I thought you had a good week as well. We had no major issues, but from the previews it doesn’t seem like that’s going to hold for long. We’ll find out. But in the mean time, good week.

Nico, Nico, Nico, what were you thinking and with what head were you thinking? How did you manage to piss off every girl on the boat within minutes? I mean, going from room to room drunk, trying to put a move on whoever is in that room at the time. Really? That must be a record of some sort. Are you trying to pick up where Trevor left off with the drinking thing?

Nico Hits on Sierra and Emily?!

And then you’re late on deck to boot. Is there something simmering beneath the surface that I may have missed with you? I hope not. And given your experience on yachts, why would you jump off the boat when we didn’t have it secured? We were already a man down, and when you jumped that made us two men down. Not a good move, I fear. I think I understand why you get called "Freak-o" now. This was not your best outing, and I really expected better from you, but it's still early and we will see what you do moving forward.

Lauren, you had a tough week as well. I’m not sure I got why you thought Nico was more than just being friendly, but that’s coming from a male perspective, so I may be biased, but I didn’t think he led you on. I could be totally wrong here, but I thought that you read more into it than was actually there, and then you felt bad when confronted with the stark reality of how it actually was. I do think that you handled the conversation with Nico well the next day. You got the air cleared and didn’t let it keep you down. Good job.

It's a #BelowDeck Love Triangle

Sierra, I really don’t think that you are as thick-skinned, as you may believe. Just my opinion. I am curious about one thing: Do you really believe that lavender in your hair will make people feel differently toward you? I do feel that you had a good charter, and handled the advance from Nico quite well. It was the picture of diplomacy. Well done. Quite comical as well (not you, him). I was surprised he could see out of those slits he called eyes.

Em, you as well as Sierra had a good charter. You dealt with some crude comments from the guests like a pro. Didn’t fall apart, or cop an attitude, just moved on with the task at hand.

Moving on to our newbie, Kyle. Not off to a good start being late on day one, but you’re on board now and that’s what matters I suppose.

Meet New Deckhand Kyle Dixon

It does have me concerned that your primary motivation for working on yachts is women. I find it odd to have that at the top of your priority list. It doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. You might serve yourself better thinking more of your job and less about Sierra, being as you are the newest and greenest crewmember. But, its very early and I’m willing to wait and see how it all plays out.

Well, we are back to a full crew, so that should make for some smooth sailing. But if the previews are any indication, I couldn’t be more wrong. That’s it for now, mates. Keep the wind at your backs, and calm water under the keel.

See you next week!

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