Ep 15: Public Displays of Affection

Ep 15: Public Displays of Affection

200103 4093463 Alexis Bellino Celebrates Her Recent Divorce
Season 7 |
Aired: January 13, 2020
| tv-14 |

Former “The Real Housewife of Orange County,” housewife Alexis Bellino, and new beau come aboard Valor to celebrate her recent divorce. After the deck team deals with major issues, Lee comes to a decision about Rhylee’s future, forcing Ashton to change his management style. Ashton decides to blow off steam inviting unexpected guests to join on a crew night out. Kate invites Tanner for a sleepover, while a fight sparks between Brian and Courtney after he sends her a questionable text about their relationship. Kevin throws out his back in the galley and Lee is concerned that they might be down a chef.

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