Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful

Bethenny writes in from vacation to discuss taking on too much and ice-skating.

I'm writing this blog while on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean. I haven't used my Blackberry or worked or tweeted or done a single work related thing except this blog. As indicated in this episode, it was time for me to check out, to sleep, to reconnect with myself and my family, and just let go. My book, my business, my show will all survive and can wait. I need to take care of myself for the first time in a while.

This episode had many dimensions. So much was going on. And I rarely say this so hear it: I have taken on way too much, and no is often more important than yes. Gina leaving us was devastating. I don't get close to many people, and we all know that my boundaries get blurred. She cared for my baby when she was a teeny premie, and I will always love her for that. She is part of our family forever. The thought of a stranger caring for Bryn was daunting, so I decided to have my trusted glammy Veronica step in.

Los Angeles was absurd. The breaking and entering happened exactly as you saw it. I never did find out the price of that house, but I'm sure it was out of our price range.

As for moving to Cali, I have some business opportunities on both coasts so we need to weigh our options. I do love both places but I'm loyal to my New York. I also am sensitive to Jason's family, and it would be hard for Jason to move across the country.

Ice-skating was intense. No matter what I said, I ended up being terrified and traumatized. What in God's name was I thinking?

I love my skating partner so much. What a great guy. He was my ice husband. No matter what, I loved our routine even though I was sweating my balls off from fear. Those judges were brutal, and there was a third judge who was even nastier. Then came Thanksgiving. That shrink of mine is no dummy. He really makes me dig deep, and I am better for it.

Jake was right. I have everything to be thankful for, except maybe the fact that I am totally nuts. Just know this: it's harder to be me than to deal with me.

I love and thank you all so much. You support me, you make me stronger and better and I learn from you every day.

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