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Make It Your Business

Bethenny discusses her relationships with Nick, Gina, and Max, and how she's secretly a loner.

By Bethenny Frankel

This week's episode is my favorite so far.

Nick is just awesome, and I love being around him more and more every time. Anyone that can go head to head with me on food has captured my heart. We definitely have to include him in my life and my work. What a unique, sweet individual. As I say in my next book, All Roads Lead to Rome, we didn't hire him at first, but it all came around, as it should.

The Hester street fair was so much fun. That kind of down home street food is my idea of a good time. New York has so much incredible and varied food at great prices. The accessibility of any culinary treasure is endless.

I loved seeing Nick with Bryn. I bet he'd make a great babysitter, and she can even eat peppers now!

Gina, Gina, Gina. She is one of a kind. We really did work for her. We love her so much. You can only imagine how much of a challenge it is for me to have someone living in my home, but she really cared for and loved Bryn and that is my number one priority. We really did have some pee your pants laughs. I don't let many people in, but she is someone who is in our lives. She is family, and we'll take care of her and help her with anything she needs.

As for Max, the bottom line is that he wasn't really interested in hard work. He really wanted attention and to meet girls. I can't blame him for whatever his priorities are. I'm just running a real business here, and I have zero tolerance for people trying to take the easy way out. I busted my ass to get here and Julie and Jackie, my assistants, bust theirs every day. I write about it in A Place of Yes, but you have to make everything your business, whether putting together a crib, being a bus boy or doing brain surgery. Do it well or don't do it at all.

SkinnyGirl: Wow. Little did I know that I created the Cabbage Patch doll of cocktails. I love sharing my business with Jason because he is really patient, helpful, and supportive. I value his opinion and he has a passion about what we're building. Most importantly, I can trust him and that's very valuable. He is the ying to my yang, and I look forward to working on many endeavors together. It may be crazy, but we're giving it a try.

As you can see opposites attract. Jason could talk to a wall. I am a bit more abrasive and definitely less wordy. You would be surprised to know that I am actually a loner. I love my alone time with Bryn and cookie, and no talking. The Hoppys don't know silence. That's why Jason is a great business party date. He will gaggle with the girls, the guys, the gorillas. He loves the attention, as you guys saw at the Bright Starts event (who by the way make such great problem solving things for kids). He plays it off like he doesn't like the limelight and attention but he not so secretly loves it!

Last, thank you so much for watching! The show is doing very well and that I owe to you. You are my loyal, supportive, caring, and inappropriate fans and I LOVE you!

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