Mellowing Out

Mellowing Out

Bethenny talks Dawa, Malibu, ice skating, and Cookie's love of Mexican food.

Well the show is finally lightening up. I sure am some special kind of Looney Tune. There's a new nanny in town, and she brings peace to my home. Dawa, as we both identically pronounced, is the opposite of Gina. She is quiet, shy, respectful, a light eater, and she never talks on the phone nor does she watch TV.

I love me some Gina, and her health is good now by the way, but we needed to transition into a mellow nanny. Most importantly, Dawa, like Gina, loves my baby Bryn and everything is going smoothly. Feeling comfortable with child care is peace of mind.

I'm very organized, or try to be. In the home, and with a baby, that is next to impossible. Nevertheless, I keep trying. Dawa being able to blow dry my hair is an extra added bonus. Truthfully, I've only had her do it twice. My hair is usually in a ponytail or a clip. It's good to know she's there in a pinch.

Woohoo we're in 40 states. SkinnyGirl is the Cabbage Patch doll of cocktails. People can't get enough of it, and finally we're able to supply some of the demand. It's amazing what following your dreams and ideas can mean.

Ice skating continues. What a brutal competition, and you, my loyal and devoted fans voted me through. Thank you. I did try my hardest, I did improve the most, and I hope I made you proud.

As for LA, I do love it out there and Malibu is a very special place. Too bad I spent my time on an ice rink, but I guess I live and learn. Ethan is the best. I loved our dance party and just letting loose

Cookie certainly liked Malibu. She has a particular love of the West Coast Mexican food as you can see. If we don't move out there, I'm sure Dawa and she will be very disappointed.

As for the bow in my hair, I wanted to match Bryn. As for the bus tour, this should be interesting. Everyone knows that you cannot poop on a tour bus. That would be grounds to cancel the tour.

The signing at the Hilton was crazy. We ran out of books and I tried to slow down the process. I'm so grateful to you guys for having faith in me, for supporting me and for taking the time to read my books. And no, I didn't get time to get a spa treatment (unless you count the toilet bowl experience). That really was the Rolls-Royce of toilet bowls. How many people ran out to buy one of those today? Oh so fresh and so clean. Anyway, I'm insane. This season really reinforces it, and I own it.

I love my family, my staff, my show, my business, my life, my show, and YOU. Until next time. We're winding down to the end of the season!

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