At the Zoo

At the Zoo

Julie discusses being Bryn's godmother, and the craziness at Bethenny HQ.

Going to work everyday at Bethenny's apartment can be challenging. Sometimes it's hard to separate the personal from business and it definitely can be a zoo. With the baby and Gina and running a business out of an apartment, I can see how Bethenny felt like her household was out of her control. And Bethenny doesn't like to be out of control. . .as we see in this episode.

I wasn't at Gina's church, but I for sure heard about it. I know that Gina and the church were coming from a good place, but it was a little too much and a little scary. I am just glad that Jake was with them to help buffer the situation, and I am also glad that they talked it out with Gina. That's what I love about Bethenny and Jason: They talk things out. They don't like things to fester.

When Bethenny asked me to be Bryn's godmother I couldn't believe it! I was so honored and still am. My godmother is the most amazing woman, and if I can be half the godmother that she was to me to Bryn, I will be thrilled. Bryn is the most precious little girl, and I get to be a part of her life almost everyday. No matter where my life may take me, I will always be there for her.

The baptism was so quaint and pleasant. I was so happy because I know Bethenny did not know what to expect. I felt really proud to stand up there with her and Jason and John and represent their family. Bryn was an angel (as always), and her outfits were adorable. The priest was so welcoming and it wasn't that big of a deal he called Bethenny - "Brittany."

My favorite part of the whole day was Bryn falling asleep on me at the restaurant. There is nothing better than the feeling of having a sleeping baby in your arms.

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