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Brunettes Have More Fun

Julie discusses her appreciation for Bethenny, and the one makeover rule she had for the stylists.

By Julie Plake

I started with Bethenny almost two years ago, with no idea what this job would be or where I would end up. Now looking back so many things have happened and I am so grateful for all I have learned. For Bethenny to realize my potential and give me a promotion was amazing. I know I didn't look as excited as I should have been, but I promise you I was freaking out inside! Everyone appreciates their value being noticed and being rewarded for it. I am so thankful that this raise happened when it did. New York is a tough place to live and I feel like now I can breathe.

Now...the Rachael Ray surprise really took me for a loop....

Like Bethenny said in her interview, I know all of her neurotic thoughts (I think, sometimes even before she thinks them) and I spend my days keeping everything on schedule. My brain is a calendar full of shoots, appointments, website posts, and phone calls, so for her to have these thoughts locked in her brain without me knowing was pretty tricky. Bethenny knew when I realized the day was not in my schedule that I would start to panic and wonder how we would get things done that were planned. But she did not care. I loved that she told me it was my day, and there would be no more work!

The whole day was a whirlwind for me. I am not used to being the center of attention in the workplace. That is reserved for Bethenny. I like being behind the scenes, coordinating and dictating. I realized at the salon that I would not really be dictating at all what they were doing. A makeover? A haircut? I have my fabulous hair stylist, Alma G, in the city, but who even knows the last time I had a chance to visit her! The haircut and color was long overdue...I had been working a lot and keeping busy on the weekends with my boyfriend and family, and hadn't had a minute get my hair done or shop.

What you didn't see though was me giving the stylists one rule: do not cut off my hair. I told them they could color it pink, but they must not chop it off. Bethenny supported me on that one, and told the hair stylist that "a bad haircut can ruin lives." When she leaves me in the salon, you can even see her do the "watching you" motion to James, who cut my hair.

I did get emotional at the salon. If you ask me now, I really can't take myself back to the exact feeling, but I can tell you I was overwhelmed with gratitude and also a little freaked out. I knew all eyes would be on me when I was on the show and had the worry that it might not turn out alright. I was a little self-conscious and totally out of my element. I enjoy fashion and getting my hair done and getting a blowout, but that rarely happens. I also had been going through a lot personally and emotionally so throwing myself into work had been my out. Now that work was aside, and it was about me, I had a chance to breathe--and broke a little. Everyone needs a good cry every once in a while.

The clothes were amazing, the shoes were amazing, but the best thing about the whole experience is that it showed me how much Bethenny (and Jason and Bryn) value me as an assistant, a business partner, and a friend. Thank you so much to the Rachael Ray Show, who really treated me like a princess that day!

xo, Julie

PS: Oh hair is still brunette and I love it. Who knows might be true that blondes have more fun. We will see what this summer brings....

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