Family Matters

Family Matters

Julie bemoans Gina's leaving, and explains the Thanksgiving situation.

This episode was very emotional for everyone. Watching the Gina scene, I was in the same seat as all of you. I was away that week on a mission trip when Gina found out the news that she had to leave. I came home and Gina was gone. It was heartbreaking. If anyone in the whole world got my job, it was Gina. We supported each other everyday in a house where we are employees, but also part of the family. It's a unique situation, and we were in it together. She was the most amazing baby nurse and is such a strong woman. She is doing well, and is still in all of our lives!

Ice skating. . .I was sitting back in New York waiting for her to perform with such anxiety. I watched her routine and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I realized in that first routine that she was on actual ice. It was dangerous. She however, completed her routine with flying colors, and thanks to Ethan she looked like a pro! I was so proud of her.

Gina must have called me right after she left that message for Bethenny. She was always so fired up after all of the shows. We would talk and talk about it. And honestly, Bethenny still has that message saved, and we play it often when we want to laugh. If anything each time I hear it, I laugh harder.

Thanksgiving -- like I said, in November I took a week off, so I was totally confused about the whole oven situation. I didn't know it had been broken, and I did not know where the turkey came from. It all ended up being OK though! The meal ended up being amazing. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner, and I am so glad that I could share it with my second family (I went home to Pittsburgh to my parents house to do Thanksgiving with them too, don't worry!)

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