House Party

Julie talks about the fun the gang had in Malibu, and her love for Dawa.

This episode was pretty fun!

I miss Gina, but Dawa is great. Like Bethenny said she is so calm. It is obviously an added bonus that she can do hair! I loved that she got to come to Malibu with us -- she really enjoyed herself and was in awe the whole time.

I can't believe Bethenny is still skating! It did last forever! Ethan was such a great partner for her! I am glad they got to hang out off the ice in LA and he got to see what her life was like. I think it only helped them connect and do better in the competition.

I had the best time in Malibu. I couldn't even believe how awesome the house was. I honestly fell asleep listening to the waves every night. Although the weather was a little rainy, it was a great to get away from New York and move the office to the Malibu house. I actually got a lot of work done there since it was so peaceful!

Can't wait for you to see our Christmas adventures next week!


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