Welcome Home Bryn!

Julie talks about what's new at Skinnygirl HQ now that there's a baby on board!


As you can tell, welcoming Bryn into the world was an emotional time for everyone! Being in the room when Jason and Bethenny told the Hoppy's "It's a girl, and her name is Bryn" was so wonderful and I was crying like a baby and trying to hold the video camera still so I could capture it all on tape. I couldn't wait to hold Bryn, but didn't get to for five DAYS because I had a little bit of a cold.

Just within the first few days of Bryn's birth, I could see a change in Bethenny. She was softer, happy and calm just being around Bryn, Jason and Cookie. She finally had the family that she wanted.

I became obsessed with making the apartment perfect for Bethenny and Jason when they arrived home with Bryn. I let Cookie know about her baby sister and we made a "Welcome Home Bryn" sign! It was so hilarious though when the "two idiots" came home and couldn't get the car seat out of the car. Having a new perfect life in your hands is amazing, but any life-changing event brings new responsibilities. I have no doubt in my mind though that they will be amazing parents. Seeing them go through all of this makes me so excited to one day have a family of my own.


My responsibilities have changed a little, I've had to learn to just let something wait so Bethenny can have time with the baby and I'm also working on curbing my very "loud" voice. Bethenny and I were always screaming things to each other across the apartment and we definitely don't do that anymore.

The best part though is coming to work and having Bryn there. I love babies and kids and watching them grow and change. Being one of 18 grandchildren my whole life I was either babysitting, changing diapers or holding a baby. When I moved to New York that all changed, but now I am happy to have a little one in my life again. When I'm stressed I go ask Bethenny if I can hold her and I immediately feel better. She LOVES the skinnygirl office and loves to hang out with me as I type away at my computer!


My job, as I always say, is ever changing and different every day. In the future I hope to become even more involved in Bethenny's business and all of her ventures. Each day is a new page in my life and I am very lucky and thank God for what I have every day.

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