14 Must-Have Gadgets for the Traveling Technophile

14 Must-Have Gadgets for the Traveling Technophile

Never leave home without them.

By Aly Walansky

No matter how remote the destination may be, technophile jet setters wouldn't dream of winging away without the best gadgets in the game. Here are some of our absolute favorites.

1. I.Am+ Bluetooth Headphones

I.am+, the technology company founded by artist Will.i.am, recently released EPs Bluetooth Ear Phones ($230) that come in a unique circular design that mimics the look of vinyl records. The EPs are available in gold or black, and when not in use, they magnetically click into place around the neck — stylish, unobtrusive, but at the ready.

2. The Sunscreenr

The Sunscreenr ( $109) is a gadget allows you to actually see where sunscreen is applied and absorbed, and where you are left vulnerable to the sun’s rays both during the initial application and as it wears off throughout the day and reapplication is necessary. Think of it as a health — and anti-aging — essential.

3. Bose QC35 Headphones

Tired of the continuous rumbling of the plane’s engine and babies screaming? The new Bose QC35 headphones ($350) let you tune that out completely. They are also easy to pack, and with no wires, they are perfect for use on the road, in the office, and everywhere else you can imagine.

4. Charging Clutch

Olive and Cocoa’s Hayden Leather Charging Clutch ($198) comes in some great colors and is great for use on the go day to night. There's a cleverly hidden built-in battery for keeping devices powered up to two full charges and comes complete with a variety of charging cords and adapters to accommodate any device.

5. Pocket Juice Charger

There are a million different portable chargers on the market, but what sets Pocket Juice ($40) apart is the built-in wall adapter that makes recharging it easy — and traveling with fewer wires is always a plus! Additionally, this portable charger offers two charging hubs so you can share power with your travel partner or charge your iPad and phone at the same time.

6. Skyroam Personal Wi-Fi

Skyroam ($124.99) is a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that enables travelers to connect up to five devices at a time in more than 100 countries with zero roaming fees. It's perfect if you need to easily stay connected as you roam the globe without having to deal with roaming fees, switching out SIM cards, unlocking phones, or swapping rentals in every country.

7. ​Jet Setter Travel Adapter & Leather Case

​​Jet Setter Travel Adapter & Leather Case ($64) is a compact adapter featuring settings for the U.K., Europe, and Australia and comes in a rich cognac-colored leather case with zip closure. Buying for a like-minded jet setter? This one comes gift wrapped in a hand-crafted wood crate with ribbon.

8. GoTenna

GoTenna ($199) is a device that enables you to send texts and GPS coordinates when cell service or Wi-Fi isn’t available, like travel abroad. Users can send texts up to four miles away, making it perfect for staying connected to your travel partners and remaining unplugged from the rest of the world.

9. Arlo Security Camera

Arlo (from $180) has this wire-free (the first!), cloud-based, waterproof security camera that connects via Wi-Fi to the IFTTT platform (that's "If this then that"). From there, people can create “recipes” to enact different smart home capabilities using their Arlo cameras. For example, if you’re on vacation, you can create a recipe that states: "If there’s any motion in my backyard, call the police and turn on my lights in the home and backyard." Another example could be, "If my dog enters the kitchen, start recording the action and send a text to my smart phone for me to watch in real-time on my phone."

10. Leef iBridge Mobile Storage

The Leef iBridge (starting at $49) is a mobile storage solution that easily expands the capacity on your iPhone or iPad, so you never have to worry about running out of space and can do more on the go. The iBridge capacity sizes go from 16 GB all the way up to 256 GB. Plus with the attached USB connector, you can easily transfer content between iPhone or iPad and computer without needing Wi-Fi. You can also shoot and save photos right to the device to avoid missing moments and easily transfer them, and you can also store important documents as well as your entire music and movie collections to enjoy when you’re on the go without taking up space on your mobile device.

11. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

While traveling, a thermometer doesn’t seem like an obvious thing to throw in your carryon… until you need it. With Zika and other travel health news lately, keeping track of any symptoms are important. Kinsa’s Smart Stick Thermometer (about $20) is the world’s first smart thermometer that pairs with the free companion app to log symptoms, temperatures and any images (weird rash?). Kinsa plugs right into your phone’s headphone jack, is flexible, won’t break, and doesn’t use batteries, so it’ll never die.

12. Belkin Multifunction Keychain

Belkin Mixit Lightning to USB Keychain (about $20) is a fun and functional accessory that doubles as a charging cable and keychain for iPhone or iPad. To use, simply plug it into any power pack or charger via the USB port. Doesn't get smaller or more convenient than that.

13. Brydge Keyboards

Brydge Keyboards (starting at $100) are sleek iPad keyboards made to increase the functionality of the tablets so they feel more like MacBooks. This is great for biz travel, creating an office-on the go — while letting you leave your heavy computer behind.

14. Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick ($50) is a must-have to make travel easier. If you are traveling and staying in a hotel room, you can bring their entire streaming queue via the Hotel & Dorm Connect feature, pull it up and continue where you left off in Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, HBO, and more. It also has its own remote, but if you're traveling extra light, you can download the Roku App and your cell phone instantly turns into a remote, with added voice search capability —and a private listening feature with headphones.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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