5 Chic Fanny Packs That Don’t Scream “Tourist”

5 Chic Fanny Packs That Don’t Scream “Tourist”

Protect your wallet — and your fashion credibility.

Remember fanny packs? Yes, we’re talking about that much-defamed fashion staple of the ‘80s. Well, not only is the accessory right on trend again — but it's perfect for travel.  

So let your friends stifle a laugh at first: They’ll be majorly jeal when they see you strutting your way through security without needing to awkwardly navigate a sea of shoulder bags. Plus, these keep your essentials — like IDs, a phone, cash, and credit cards — safe and close to you wherever you roam. And most importantly of all? They're so hot right now.

So grab one of these high-fashion belt bags — that's what we call them these days — and get to jet setting.

1. Hipsters for Sisters, $165

The belt bag designs from Hipsters for Sisters are all classy, but they vary enough that you’ll want a few different kinds. One of the company’s missions is to “liberate women from their baggage.” Amen. And with a commitment to make their bags sustainably, you can snatch a belt bag knowing it was created locally and ethically in Los Angeles using eco- and animal-friendly products. If that weren’t already enough, this company donates five percent of each purchase to organizations that work to better women’s lives and/or the planet. Even sweeter? The company is comprised of a mother and her two daughters.

2. Matt & Nat, $95

It’s not every day that you find a high-end bag company dedicated to creating cruelty-free products, but Matt & Nat is certainly one of them. And much like the brand's chic handbags, its belt bags aren’t anything like what you think of when you hear the term "fanny pack." With magnetic closures and a simple design, these are grown-up bags that are both stylish and efficient.

3. Clare V., $245

Clare V. might be one of the few companies still referring to its fanny packs as just that (as opposed to "belt bag," "waist bag," or the like), but the end result is unmistakably unlike the puffy nylon contraptions from days of old. The classic fanny pack from Clare V. even features a 14-karat gold-plated medallion.

4. Gucci, $1,150

If you like that famous Gucci pattern, you’ll love the Gucci belt bags. This practical accessory from Gucci comes in a few different design and color options. So tuck your belongings safely away into this bag before you jet off to another tropical paradise — you’ll thank yourself later.

5. Net-a-Porter, $347

Net-a-Porter’s Alexander Wang belt bag does no design wrong. With not just one but two zip pockets, this bag and its fresh look are ready to accompany you just about anywhere without the hassle of a shoulder strap.

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