8 Tips for Taking Next-Level Vacation Selfies (Without Humiliating Yourself)

8 Tips for Taking Next-Level Vacation Selfies (Without Humiliating Yourself)

Photos or it didn't happen.

Did your dream vacation even happen if you don’t have a camera roll of perfectly casual-looking photos of yourself in front of killer views? Most of us find it essential to capture — and share — those epic selfies but we don't want to be that person while we're doing it. Here are our tips for pulling off the feat in the most dignified way possible.

1. If you must use a selfie stick, do it responsibly.

Let's start with the basics. Yes, selfie sticks can be embarrassing — and annoying — but they do effectively capture wide landscapes and group shots. And that's why people use them. So if you're going to, make sure you follow the etiquette of selfie stick behavior, as outlined by Today.

2. Invest in a tiny tripod.

For a less embarrassing way to get these shots, you can nonchalantly place your phone on a little tripod and walk away from it — like you are just looking out at that view, you’re definitely not taking a photo… oh wait, yes you are! Simply set set a self timer on the camera phone; you don’t need an app for this.

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3. Use the mirror.

The “getting ready in the mirror” selfie is always a winner and is a good way to show off a unique or antique mirror or other reflective surface as part of the scenery a far-away land — or just your swanky hotel bathroom.

4. Maximize beach lighting

Beach scenes, especially around sunset, offer that perfect soft glow — no extra apparatus required.

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6. Invest in a lighted case.

If you're watching reality TV these days (yes) and following celebrities and models on Snapchat (also yes) then you might have noticed the rising popularity of illuminated smartphone cases, which offer illumination around the entire perimeter for better photos. Get one!

6. Get a GoPro.

This active-lifestyle camera gives you the ultimate travel photos. You can use it underwater for snorkeling and scuba diving, or take it onboard for a SUP yoga session. Attach it to a selfie stick and download the GoPro app to your phone to take photos of yourself looking out into the abyss; resulting snaps will look like someone else took them. The fish-eye lens captures a huge section of your surroundings. For tips, travel blogger World of Wanderlust shares exactly how she captures her images with the GoPro and gets perfect results every time.

When my fave photog uses my @lumeecase ... Get yours at LumeeCase.com

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7. Use a proper camera.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can use a camera instead of phone (stick with a lightweight mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR). Choose a camera that has Wi-Fi so you can take that perfect crisp image and move it to your phone. Don’t just upload that image to Instagram as is; you must edit first if you want those likes to roll in! 

8. Fix it in post.

Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian love the app Facetune. "It's the only way to live!" Kardashian said. The app allows blemish removal and other editing features. VSCO Cam is also very popular — and free — and gives a huge variety of filters. Pro tip: No one is using the in-app Instagram filters these days. The selfie game is too advanced for that. Keep up!

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