We Created a National Dog Show Bingo Game! (You're Welcome.)

We Created a National Dog Show Bingo Game! (You're Welcome.)

Add some healthy competition to your Turkey Day.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Who's ready for a little friendly competition this Thursday? No, we're not talking about a Thanksgiving eat-off, we're talking about the National Dog Show! While the turkey is cooking and the pies are baking, we're sure you will be like us ... glued to the TV to see which pup will take home the Best in Show title.

Since we didn't want the pups to be the only ones competing on this day, we've created a Bingo game to play at home while you watch. In fact, all you have to do is spot the cute Frenchie and you can already check off that free square! You'll have to wait until 12 p.m. on Thursday to check off the rest. 

Download, print and share the five boards below. Winner gets first dibs on leftovers? (Perhaps we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

Bingo boards designed by Stacy Lenz.

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