Amy Schumer On Boyfriend Ben Hanisch: "It’s Cool To Date Somebody With A Job"

Amy Schumer On Boyfriend Ben Hanisch: "It’s Cool To Date Somebody With A Job"

The comic had a lot of great things to say about her guy.

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Sorry guys, Amy Schumer finally found a good guy in furniture designer Ben Hanisch.

“This relationship is very different,” she tells during a press tour for her new movie, Snatched.


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The comedian says that before meeting Ben, it always felt like she was forcing guys into relationships.

“With the other guys I’ve dated, there was always this feeling of me dragging them up a hill, like, ‘Let’s be in this relationship!’ But they were dragging, or didn’t call me back. There’s been none of that with Ben. It was just easy and I mean not that every day is easy, we are so in love some days and other days we want to kill each other, but he was just ready to be a partner.”

“None of us were looking for a relationship, but it was just like, ‘Yeah, I want to keep hanging out with you, I want to see you more.’ And then I finally asked him, ‘Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?’ And he was like, ‘I have been thinking of you as my girlfriend for a while already’. And I was like, ‘OK!’ He’s kind. He’s not ever mean. And I have never had that experience in a relationship.”

The two have lived together for over a year, with Ben relocating to New York from Chicago to live with Amy.

Absolutely not

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“We’ve lived together for over a year. I feel so lucky to actually be proud of what he does. I want to show people, ‘Look, he’s so great.’ And I love his taste and sensibilities. We decorated our home together but that’s something I have no talent for, but I have a real appreciation of it. We will get a new chair or something and both be excited about it, and he’s made things for our apartment. I am just really proud and his business is great. And it’s cool to date somebody with a job.”

But will the two get married?

“Well, I never had marriage or children as a goal, but I have an interest in making a commitment and saying I am going to stick with you, and I am not going to have sex with anybody else ever again,” she laughs. “I am going to be someone who will witness your life and I am going to be your partner.”

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