These Are The Best Cities to Visit if You Are Looking for a Hot Vacation Hookup

These Are The Best Cities to Visit if You Are Looking for a Hot Vacation Hookup

Go get 'em, tiger.

By Aly Walansky

Many people plan vacations around romantic backdrops to share with a partner — or, for singles, a spot that might invite the opportunity for a far-flung fling. (No judgement here!)

And while mood and opportunity do have a lot to do with how much hooking up happens on vacation, a new study also demonstrates that some cities around the world are simply more sex positive than others... and therefore the perfect spots to plan a vacation around a hot hookup, whether you visit with or without a built-in partner.

Lazeeva, a provider of a suite of erotica-related apps, conducted the widely encompassing study of 450,000 adults in 200 global cities. “We wanted to look into how sex is viewed differently around the world,” according to the study. “Which cities have made progress towards sexual openness, and which would benefit from further liberation in future.”

While the research looked into factors ranging from libido and porn consumption to attitudes toward LGBT communities, a lot of the focus was simply on who was having the most sex.

Not surprisingly, Paris — often touted as the city of love — came in first place, as the most sex-positive city in the world. Rio de Janeiro came in second, also not so surprising with all of those lotion-slathered and be-thonged bodies frolicking on the country's famous beaches.

Next up were London, Los Angeles, Berlin, and New York.

As for global cities with low sex-positive ratings, Tokyo came in at a rather sad 94 — even though it has a very high porn consumption rate.

For the purposes of this study, the researchers defined sexual positivity as, “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality." So while being into having lots of sex is of course a part of the equation, the cities that scored high marks also tended to be open to adult entertainment, swinging, gender equality, and access to contraception.

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