Pizza Ice Cream Is a Thing Now — Plus, 5 Other Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors You Probably Don't Want to Order

Pizza Ice Cream Is a Thing Now — Plus, 5 Other Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors You Probably Don't Want to Order

Ever wondered what's the exact opposite of plain vanilla?

By Sara Gauchat

If you can dream it, it can be an ice cream flavor. At least that seems to be the message from these dairy daredevils who think way outside the freezer when it comes to conjuring up unexpected (some might say crazy) new ways to top our sugar cones. Sorry, rocky road, you’ve officially lost your edge.

1. Pizza

Pizza: A Totally Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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There are pizza donuts, taco pizzas, and pizza on pizza. Are you surprised there's now a pizza ice cream? The benevolent geniuses at Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia have mashed up two of the world’s greatest foods with their pizza ice cream, which is concocted from tomato, oregano, basil, garlic, and salt. And if you’re wondering if there might be a pizza joint/museum next door so you can eat your scoop directly on your slice? Why, yes, life is indeed that good and there certainly is.

2. Lobster

Lobster à la mode (yes, lobster ice cream) 🍦🦀 | Bar Harbor, ME

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People with shellfish allergies probably think they can let their guard down in an ice cream shop. Not so much at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Maine and Massachusetts, where the crustacean-crazy line up for lobster ice cream. Real lobster meat is chopped up, buttered, and then added into butter-flavored ice cream. (Did we mention there’s butter?)

3. Fast Food

Sweet meets savory AND saves you a trip to the drive-thru with this inspired creation from Coolhaus. Salted Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream joins forces with chocolate malt balls and french fry crisps—ensuring that there’s a little something for just about anyone’s particular craving.

4. Bone Marrow & Bourbon Smoked Cherries

Have we reached peak bone marrow yet? No? Then let’s go ahead and make it a frozen dessert. The ice-cream-foodie minds at Portland-based Salt & Straw may have gone through similar pondering before inventing their Bone Marrow & Bourbon Smoked Cherries delight. Cherries gathered from the foot of Mt. Hood party with slow-roasted bone marrow to create an ice cream truly worth screaming for.

5. Cricket Cake

Feeling bored with your typical protein sources? We’ve got just the right sweet treat for you. Those freaky-flavor innovators at Little Baby’s are churning out Cricket Cake ice cream for palates to bug out on. The crickets have already been turned into eco-friendly flour by the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, then that same flour is baked into financiers, which are ultimately swirled into the ice cream—allowing for maximum cricket power with minimum cricket crunching.

6. Cold Sweat

If you don’t have to sign a waiver before you eat your ice cream, is it really worth it? At Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Angier, North Carolina, you practically need a lawyer (or at least a notary) by your side if you’re planning to dip into their Cold Sweat flavor. The frozen fire is made with three kinds of peppers and two types of hot sauce—with the ice cream itself seriously kicked up courtesy of a ghost chili sauce. Licker beware…

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