Carson Kressley's Instagram Feed Has A Ton Of These Two Things

Carson Kressley's Instagram Feed Has A Ton Of These Two Things

The style expert weighs in on the social-media platform.

By Jenny Berg

Carson Kressley's not saying his whole Instagram feed is shoes and shirtless dudes. He's just saying: it can happen.

The style savant recently sat down with The Lookbook to discuss the social-media platform, its democratizing effect on fashion, and what just may happen if you "like" too many things like this.

"With social media, we have a real conversation between [designers and street-style stars]" he said. Now, anyone with an Instagram account and a knack for that #OOTD can share his or her vision with the world. Not so, back when people had to subscribe to magazines and newspapers to find fashion inspiration. (Can. you. imagine!)

"The more information out there, the better everyone can look," Carson said. Plus, you can tailor your feed to serve up ideas that inspire you. "If you see something you love, it will show you 17 things like it," he said. "Before you know it, your Instagram feed is nothing but shoes—and guys with their shirts off. It happens!" Indeed.-Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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