6 Deluxe Easter Candies We Definitely Want in Our Basket This Year

6 Deluxe Easter Candies We Definitely Want in Our Basket This Year

Scratch that: We want to eat these all year long, way after the holiday is over.

By Lizbeth Scordo

By the time Easter arrives this Sunday, we'll have all probably popped enough Peeps and little tinfoil-covered dollar-store chocolate eggs to last us until next spring. But if you can control yourself around the office candy bowl this week, then save your sweet tooth for Sunday and upgrade your Easter basket this year with a few truly luxurious confections created by some of the world's best chocolatiers. All can be purchased online for arrival before Easter if you order within the next day or so and, while they don't come cheap, they're all as gorgeous as they are decadent. We'd say they're too beautiful to eat, but c'mon, who are we kidding?

Speckled Eggs

These airbrushed chocolate eggs look just like real robin eggs thanks to that beautiful speckling. Depending on the color, they come filled with either white chocolate ganache and coconut; nut praline; or a blend of caramel, chocolate, espresso and sea salt. You can give all of them a try with a box of three (or heck, two of each with a box of six). Each one weighs about as much as four of the chocolate maker's bonbons, but you probably wish we hadn't told you that. Get them from Chocolat Moderne.

Golden Eggs

Ready to really go decadent this Easter? Order a dozen of these bittersweet chocolate eggs, which have liquid caramel inside and 23-karat gold leaf on the outside. The gift box—tied with a pastel blue satin ribbonis lovely, but no recipient (other than yourself) is actually necessary. And, just like regular old eggs at the market, you can purchase six or a dozen. Get them from Valerie Confections.

Egg Coquille

If you're thinking that this one really looks like an actual egg shell, that's because it is. The shell has been hollowed out, coated with dark chocolate and then filled (we're guessing very carefully) with a praline made with roasted hazelnuts and almonds, then packaged in a cute little decorated cylinder. Get it from La Maison du Chocolat.

Spring Crate

Forget the basket and go rogue with an Easter crate instead this year. Trust us, no one will complain once they see all of the adorable little confections inside this wooden box, which comes stamped with a wax seal. The crate's highlight is probably the milk chocolate polka-dot egg filled with French-style jellies (known as pate de fruit) in raspberry, apricot and black currant. There are also some mini "crispy" eggs, a couple of cute chocolate mice, and a little box containing two teeny-tiny little bunnies and some classic bonbons. Get it from L.A. Burdick.

Milk Chocolate Egg With Candied Fruits

This six-inch (yes that's half a foot) Easter egg is already "broken" open so you can see what's inside: almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cranberries and candied orange, with a coating of white chocolate on the back side. And if it has fruit, it's got to be kind of healthy, right? Get it from Michel Cluizel

Hopster Bunnies

Calling all Brooklynites. This one may not seem as over-the-top as the others, but it's definitely the most fun of the bunch. Four adorable white bunniesone decked out in sunglasses, another in a bowler hat and handlebar mustacheare painted on burnt caramel truffles blended with dark caramel and dark chocolate ganache and placed nicely together in a black box. Think of it as the bunnies' own little dive-bar-but-not-really-because-drinks-are-actually-expensive-hangout. Get them from Recchiuti Confections

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